Food Pantry

The contents of our Thanksgiving Dinner given to our clients every year:turkeydinner

Helping Hands Food Pantry Brochure

Northern Illinois Helping Hands Food Pantry (Not for profit)
2502 Spring Ridge Drive Suite B
P.O. Box 132
Spring Grove, IL, 60081
Phone: (815) 245-7345
E-mail: [email protected]

OPEN 4 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays

Obtain admission numbers
from 3:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Intermatic parking lot
Across from Spring Grove

Clients may participate in the Northern Ill. Helping Hands Food Pantry
by meeting the eligibility criteria established by the Northern Ill. Food Bank.
Financials are independently audited and budget/spending is reviewed
annually by the Board of Directors.

Our History
In 1993, Marge and the late Walter Nielsen of All Saints Lutheran Church,
Fox Lake,IL started the All Saints Food Pantry catering to a few needy people.
Parishioners donated the items for the pantry.

By 2003, worsening economic conditions caused the increase in the number of clients
to 500+ families per month. The pantry had to recruit more support….both financially
and with volunteers.

Two other churches, CrossPoint and Joyful Harvest Lutheran, joined forces with All
Saints Lutheran to establish the current pantry.

In December, 2005, the pantry moved into larger quarters on Spring Ridge Road
two blocks south of Rte. 12 on Spring Grove Road.

In March, 2011, Community of Faith and Lifespring Community Church joined us
thereby increasing helping hands to our clients.

In 2015, Scot Forge graciously allowed us to use the Intermatic parking lot for
our customers.This provides safety from traffic by eliminating parking along Spring Ridge Drive.

Beginning in 2016, we are participating in the Northern Illinois Food Bank milk program.
Families with children are receiving a gallon of milk. Funding for the first year was
provided by All Rite Spring Company located in Spring Grove.

Our pantry also works with the Courts of Lake & McHenry Counties to provide
individuals a location to perform community service.

We also provide a work environment for special needs individuals through
Richmond Burton High School.

Our Affiliation:
Helping Hands Food Pantry is affiliated with the Northern
Ill. Food Bank, various endowments, and the generous
donations of food and money from our churches,
neighbors, corporations, and student organizations to
provide needed supplies.

Hunger Never Takes a Holiday
Serving needy families living along the northern
border of Lake and McHenry Counties. Currently
helping 500 needy families per month
with help from the following::
· Jewel of Fox Lake & Spring Grove
· Walgreens of Spring Grove
· Riverside Bakery
· Pink Ladies
· The Chapel
· Nature’s Feed
· Prem
· Thelan Sand & Gravel
· Spring Grove Fire Department
· All Rite Spring Company
· Meadowland Church
· Boy & Girl Scouts of Johnsburg & Spring Grove
· Post Offices of Spring Grove & McHenry
· Hunters of Chain’O’Lakes
· INK Foundation
· McDonalds of Spring Grove
· St. Peter’s Parish

What Can You Do?
As Christians we are taught to look out for each other! We count on You to sustain us!
Please help provide the following items that we are consistently short of:
Canned Goods
Money to
purchase food
Paper Products
Cleaning Supplies

The following churches support the
Northern Illinois Helping Hands Food Pantry:

All Saints Lutheran Church, ELCA
5800 State Park Rd.
Fox Lake, IL 60020

CrossPoint Church
27430 N. Nippersink Rd.
Ingleside, IL 60041

Joyful Harvest Church, ELCA
5050 N. Johnsburg Rd.
Johnsburg, IL 60051

Community of Faith
P.O. Box 558
Spring Grove, IL, 60081

Lifespring Community Church
2503 Spring Ridge Drive
Spring Grove, IL 60081

Northern Illinois Helping Hands Food Pantry has been continuously registered
with the State of Illinois since August, 2003. We have been designated a
nonprofit under Code 501c(3) by the Internal Revenue Service